Mighty Through God… (2 Cor. 10)


I’m aspie. Undiagnosed, but I’ve got most of the traits.

Not sure why the Good Lord made me this way…

  1. but He turns curses to blessings
  2. so no worries on my part
  3. won’t dwell much on social stuff
  4. there’s so much more interesting



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  1. Like your information on the rotation of the planes around the Sun – Mercury, Venus and Earth – constitute 22 months total or 22 * 360 = 7920 Days which is a fractal of the Earth’s Diameter in Miles (i.e., 7,920 miles) – likes – all the other 5 planets add their months to a figure which produces in days 1266120 or “seen as” 12…66…12 or the fact that “12” is a prime number of the New Jerusalem as in 12,000 furlongs * 12,000 furlongs = 144,000,000 sq. furlongs and “6” is man’s number – could it be that the planets attest to God’s Divine Purpose for humankind in that a “furlong” is measured as “660 Feet” or the “66” seen here or 12,000 * 660′ = 7,920,000 Feet which is the very 7920 fractal of Earth’s Diameter – the very “edge of the New Jerusalem.”

    Food for some thought perhaps?

    Doug Krieger

    Comment by Doug Krieger — 2013/12/16 @ 05:09

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