Mighty Through God… (2 Cor. 10)


Glimpses of the HyperReal

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folding a hypercube animation

see http://www.virtualimage.co.uk/SCIENAR/html/hypercubes.html

Sorry, the links below aren’t active. I’m considering detailing each section in additional posts. Nonetheless, taste and see….


Raiders News

note the graphic on Dr. Michael Lake’s new book



  1. Gee Nome! Incredibly interesting…I did an article re: hypercube that Salvador Dali painted which is also in the form of the cross in July 15, 2013: https://seashoremary.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/christ-crucifixion-hypercube/. It was Dali’s interpretation that first captured my understanding on hypercube concept and time/space relevancy.

    I appreciate all the time you invested in putting these concepts together for a better understanding of the scriptures.


    Comment by seashoremary — 2015/01/23 @ 13:08

  2. Hey Nome! thought you might be interested in a “theory” which I find fascinating…the 37th Degree Parallel across the heart of the U.S. and possible tunnels with alien bases embedded. Just saw a segment called The 37th Parallel | The Unexplained Files (Science Channel)… http://youtu.be/9BbLbgD8ioo.

    One commentator stated: Zeph Daniel4 months ago

    “I live in Northern New Mexico… up Chama and the Colorado border is where Dulce NM is, which is a very strange town… You go along to Durango Co and then into Utah around Moab and you get that vibe, and of course the 4 corners, you can feel the power and energy. There is stuff in the sky–but most of us can’t see it because it’s too foreign to our experience. It’s worth taking the trip to experience it for yourself. ”

    There is also a site called 2017 Mysteries of the 37th Parallel https://at37.wordpress.com/2012/12/28/37-and-the-navel-of-the-earth/ which is far better than I can explain…



    Comment by seashoremary — 2015/03/04 @ 13:39

  3. Happy Resurrection Day, Nome!

    Comment by Rose from Kentucky — 2015/04/04 @ 12:40

    • Amen! Rose, sure blessings in our overcomings with our Lord and Savior, my sister. Likewise to you and yours!!

      Comment by nomemoleste — 2015/04/04 @ 14:34

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