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Trans-dimensional Creatures – Josh Peck

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Josh Peck uses the Flatland analogy…
– to describe how it would seem
– for us in the here and now
– to see trans-dimensional creatures
– moving through our “normal” space time.

I believe we’ve been given several clear instances in the Bible
– not in the least with the “heavenly creatures”
– that transit with the throne of God
– in some depictions with 4 faces (ox + lion + eagle + like man)
– while in others they’re more clearly individual.

And of course, Christ is revealed spiritually
– as The Lamb having 7 Horns and 7 Eyes
– which are the 7 Spirits of God.

View From the Bunker VFTB 189: Quantum Creation.




  1. G’Day, Nomemoleste!

    Check out the deliberate, subtle and tactful confusion in this story with its references and images (22 Sept. ’14)


    Personally, I cannot recall the term “born-again” being associated with… actually this ‘news report/article’ carefully and deliberately avoid the specific ‘noun’.

    You’ll see what I mean…… the hide of the media to use such trickery. Nothing new, I suppose.

    God bless you, mate!

    Comment by Pete — 2014/09/22 @ 23:33

    • Grace & Peace to ya Pete…
      – in the Name of the Lord Yeshua Messiah

      Looks like a classic psy-op to me. The fog-of-war follows planted news stories. In this case, the first-worlders need local threats to justify supporting arab strikes against ISIL.

      You’re right to be wary of “the radical elements of all religions” being lumped together. The religious pluralists (neo-pantheist) want to marginalize “orthodox” religion seen as long bearded fundamentalists — including “born-again” believers — no matter what religion they profess. Look for similar agitprop against the jewish orthodox … and russian orthodox.


      Thus, in broad strokes, we can highlight the basic content of what constitutes fundamentalism as including; (1) a return to traditional values and an accompanying sense of restoration which may stimulate and contribute to the building of alternative structures; (2) the search for a new identity, often at the expense of minority groups; (3) a preoccupation with moral concerns that tends to have an adverse effect on the position of women; and (4) a spirit of militancy with which these objectives are pursued. In a sense therefore, fundamentalism represents a rebellion against the secularist ethos of modernity.. Wherever a Western-style society has established itself, a fundamentalist movement has developed alongside it. Fundamentalism is, therefore, a part of the modern scene. Although fundamentalists often claim that they are returning to a golden age of the past, these movements could have taken root in no time other than our own. Fundamentalists believe that they are under threat. Every fundamentalist movement – in Judaism, Christianity and Islam – is convinced that modern, secular society is trying to wipe out the true faith and religious values. Fundamentalists believe that they are fighting for survival and when people feel their backs are to the wall, they often lash out violently.


      ISIS is made up of individuals who have successfully merged religion, politics and military expertise to form a potent force that has swept the country. ISIS has attracted and inspired extremists of all stripes to join its operations in Syria and Iraq through social media and mass propaganda campaign that hinges on its jihadist goals.

      As in Syria, it is often the case that many individuals in extremist movements use them as a vehicle for their own interests, adopting the garb and mannerism of a committed Islamic radical as a pathway to greater political goals. Whilst the instability in Iraq has connections to the Syrian conflict next door to it, many individuals who fought for ISIS in Syria are now present in Iraq.

      WW3 is the war of the fearful against their own nightmares.

      Comment by nomemoleste — 2014/09/23 @ 05:20

  2. Thank you, brother in CHRIST MESSIAH, YESHUAH MOSHIACH!

    Seeing the presentation and reading the story.. was troubling. Not to say that reports of the wicked, evil, demonic, satanic attacks on the children of God are not troubling – Beheadings, Crucifyinig, rape and so on and endlessly are an abomination. Nothing less. But I say thank you for the prayer and blessing, my brother: “Grace & Peace to ya Pete” – I give praise and glory to the LORD for this reassurance, only in HIM. Only PEACE and TRUTH in Him.

    Love you, my friend. Always wise with THE words. Thanks through the LORD for the calm – that story and its pictures annoyed me somewhat [poor mum], so I give thanks and praise the living Father for HIS peace. Thank God we are just travellers passing through THIS world. (excuse the Kirk typing). πŸ™‚

    It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing;
    the words that I speak unto you,
    they are spirit, and they are life.


    (John 7:63)

    I’ve met some good R.O priests over the years, Nomemoleste, (Coptic/Egyptian, Serbs, Macedon, Russian, even English and Aussie who embraced R.O.). I’ve questioned to my dear mum who attends an R.O. Church – and given the news of recent times with Israel, it’s surrounds, tensions north up to Turkey, Ukraine and Russia (and elsewhere; not just limited to diplomacy/security and warfare issues – we see breakdown in society, the ebola threat and so on, too) if they discuss these ‘issues’ in the church – and my mum says, “No” we just share and discuss THE GOSPEL and pray for whoever people ask to be prayed for and then those who haven’t made requests (they submit names to a list of family members, neighbours, strangers, and the world – the service goes a bit longer these days, the list is getting longer). Anyway, the appearance of the R.O. priests, to my understanding, re their long hair and beards, and robes was to (to use poor terms), symbolize Christ – not be Christ.

    AND Jesus is more than just a “prophet” to be found.

    Thanks for reply. And the blessing. Especially.

    God Bless!!


    Comment by Pete — 2014/09/23 @ 13:56

  3. excuse the typos and poor punctuation. I hope it reads ok. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Pete — 2014/09/23 @ 13:59

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