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End Times Waves

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Prophecy:  Israel …  Populations … Waves of Pain

Most Christians don’t recognize that Prophecy is the expressed Will of God. I reckon they see it more as “predicting the future” or “divination” instead of what’s going to be divinely allowed to happen — within constraints. As examples, we could compare both the experiences of Job and Yeshua — given over into satan’s hands and over to bodily death on the Cross, respectively. In both cases going through the experience was the point — not avoiding them.

I’m not into rapture arguments, nor dispensationalism, nor anti-semitism … since they’re very narrow views on much more complex situations … with a net result of endless debate. I don’t understand why folks miss that The Almighty uses situations {such as the captivities (plural) of the Israelites} in His interactions with them as a people. The Potter fashions the clay so that meets His purpose — His will. Those familiar with The Bible will recognize the reference and the implications.


The nations of the world let Israel destroy the infrastructure in Gaza. As long as hamas kept up rocket attacks against Israel — there was no substantial opposition beyond talk. The nations around Israel should take note that Israel had a free hand. Bible Prophecy tells us that Israel will be allowed to shake the world — up to the short lived escapades of 666’rs. If I’m not mistaken — Israel will have an almost a free hand to strike the nations… Or if you prefer, …to be the Rod used to strike the nations with waves of pain, birth pangs. We should ask, “Whats being birthed?” I believe The Kingdom of Heaven is coming to light on earth. More specifically, I’ll say that the separation (the veil) between the dimensions is being rent. Already, some are peering into darkness or into the abyss. Others are seeing visions of the heavens. Some see the paranormal. Others, the supernatural. And they react accordingly.


Bible Prophecies are more about populations — such as “nations, tribes, tongues, and peoples. I see that illegal migrations are continuing to make headline news. A recent article details that Australia has stopped the boatloads of refugees that used to enter illegally (see refs below). The key term was “cue jumpers” re: people “cutting in line.” Another article is on “Haitians and Cubans” risking their lives even more than ever to get to the states. From past experience, I know that both are dealt with differently. The Haitians are blocked because of their extreme poverty. The Cubans are allowed to stay — if they can get to US soil — for political reasons. The End Times are full of refugee movements and population displacements … not in the least, “The Great Multitude that come out of Great Tribulation.”

As I left work today, noting that the inside temperature of my vehicle was 111 (F) … I’ve no doubt that the current surge of illegal “visitors” has dropped due to heat. Gotta say the most obvious way to deal with the whole matter is just to make sure that every foreign citizen that visits the US is clearly identified as a non-immigrant. Visitors are welcome — as long as their home nations are obligated for their expenses — and by extension visitors should remain obligated to their home nations (for military service, taxes, etc.). Their expenses that fall on states and cities — should be required from their nations — as a matter of doing business. At least up to the point of 666 (or similar) systems. Those that won’t take the mark … should get used to being hot.


So the End Time events as Prophesied in the Bible are relentlessly unfolding. There’s no avoiding that — nor even much reason to try to delay it. The Almighty is going to allow apocalyptic events — to a certain extent. Even though those that die first, or escape, or are somehow protected (1)…  may avoid the bulk of the trauma — trauma is certainly coming. And at times, we see it first hand.

  1. Remember the Israelites on Exodus, Elijah in the wilderness, Christ likewise … and coming soon “The Great Multitude”.



(Flores bones … Down syndrome)



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