Mighty Through God… (2 Cor. 10)


false prophet

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  1. G’Day, Nomemoleste… I used to Sunday night talkback radio – religion. I think the dj was pro-Catholic, but anyway, I remember there was the pastor or priest (I forget which denom) and the NY Mufti visting down under – Oztralia, that is. 🙂 They discussed their points.. and the mufti gabe affirmation, constantly, continually, that the Koran is THE word of God. It was annoying because we already had the scripture and verses of Old Testament. And this mufti was giving the names of those that we know of and their accounts in the Old Testament, such as Daniel, Isiah and so on! It just seemed lazy and ignorant that these were only exclusive to the mufti and his followers as if the rest of us had never heard of them (Daniel and so on)…. trivia, I know, but is it possible that these people think we are so ignorant? (those with knowledge or familiarity with people who were recorded and passed on The Word) – without distortion.

    Comment by Pete — 2014/07/07 @ 15:37

    • Hey, Pete…

      The damned are blind, but the lost will be troubled at the glaring facts of surah 12 (yusuf = false joseph) comparing The Holy Bible account of the life of Joseph to the fraud in the koran. And I have to say fraud since in the surah itself the point is made that it’s a “holy” correction. As verses are matched (yusuf follows Joseph) but the plagiary is exposed verse after verse — showing that the yusuf account is blatantly littered with both bad translations and the shards of partially missed phrases and sayings.

      It doesn’t matter what the die hard muslims think or fail to consider about the exposé. Those that will ultimately be saved and join us with Christ in the hereafter will go on to make the comparisons — side by side — in arabic. At which point they will no longer be deluded by the false holy book, nor false prophet, nor false god, nor fallen angels of islam.

      Then as they turn to Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) the only direct Son of God — they will accept His grace, the gift of salvation, and eternal life with Him, in resurrected bodies (like His as shown after the crucifixion), in Christ’s image, no longer unaware of spiritual reality. Like a swimmer drowning in darkness and unable to see any rescue, all they need do is call out to Yeshua to save them from damnation, and then relax and let Him. Religions can’t save, neither churches nor denominations, and certainly nothing we can do for ourselves, no matter how good we try to be. That great weight of trying to save ourselves, our families, countries, this world is all lifted. And then begins sharing as a family, the very essence of what Y’shua shows as The Son of God.

      Listening to mufti’s is like listening to talking heads on video or those that never shut up on talk radio. Especially the ones with bull dog jowls and frog’s in their throats. So few are really gifted at interviews, (such as Derek Gilbert on VFTB radio — he’s really good).

      We know each other by what we write. I trust that those yet lost in islam will see that Christ is God’s Word – His offspring. Apart from my words, you wouldn’t know me. It’s the same with the Living Word of God. He is Holy. And those that have interacted with Him and dwelt with Him have given their testimony in The Bible. In comparing their testimonies, we hear God’s Word consistently through them, since He’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

      The muslims have idolized the koran. The Bible reflects Christ as the living Holy Word of God, by which we know Him. And by which we recognize Him in prayer and the lovingkindness He shares with His family, His creatures, and even His enemies (as much as possible short of being used by satan or the enemy angels). Most folks are willing victims, but victims nonetheless.

      I trust you get why I’m discreet, considering the schemes of the enemy angels. May every one of their wicked works be destroyed as Christ is doing with satan’s.

      Enjoy the game, my brother! We overcome by The Word of our testimony, The Blood of the Lamb, and that we love not our own natural lives till death releases us from them. To be absent from the physical body is to be instantly present in our spiritual body with The Lord, Yeshua Messiah. Amen!

      But for the damned, their next experience at death is hell in their spirit bodies, also instantly. Christ taught very pointedly on that!

      Tell me a bit about Indonesia someday. Best regards!

      Comment by nomemoleste — 2014/07/07 @ 23:58

  2. excuse, typo.. ‘used to listen to Sunday night talkback radio….

    Comment by Pete — 2014/07/07 @ 15:38

  3. Hey Nome…missing everybody!

    Just found info on LA’s dad Re buried, etc should anyone visits your page…

    Re Koran forgery…Will need to take my time to review. Certainly appears you are being thorough!


    Comment by seashoremary — 2014/08/06 @ 09:54

    • I’ll check out a discussion topic and we can see who’s around… I see LA is likely out through the weekend.

      The obit for LQ Marzulli is a good find. I trust LA’s dad now knows how many respect his son as a strong brother in Christ !!

      The religions are all doubly cursed to destruction. They’ll reap what they sow and Christs mission includes destroying every wicked work of the devil.

      So, I believe islam, like any current giant, will just fall harder. Take for instance, the dissolution of the Soviet Union. I’d love to see Islam implode likewise. That’s on the scale of China fracturing like all the end time “empires” must — with the coming of the King extending the Kingdom of Heaven into this soon passing earth. Reminds me of the fall of the Twin Towers in NYC, as depicting how so mighty and tall a structure must fall.

      Seems like a good topic is catching up on end time events that are unfolding….

      Comment by nomemoleste — 2014/08/06 @ 17:51

  4. Reblogged this on Abide In Me Blog.

    Comment by seashoremary — 2014/08/06 @ 09:55

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