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More on Apparitions…

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Another “likely suspect” re: orbs, appartions, ufo’s, demons…. “gods” i.e. enemy angels.

Also note that we each see things differently…

  • some need glasses
  • others are color blind
  • aspies have social blindness
  • then there’s “tone deaf”
  • orientals often hear “l’s” and “r’s” the same
  • westerners don’t hear tone variations of asian languages
  • hispanics often hear “v’s” and “b’s” the same
  • the actual neural circuitry is different

You can cite other examples, no doubt.



  1. Nome, there is one occasion where, to this day, I don’t know if an “apparition” I saw — and heard — was benevolent or not. (It was a number of years ago, and not sure that I was saved then.) It makes me think of how easily one might be deceived when an apparition doesn’t seem to be openly threatening, if one were pursuing this type of experience, or seeking to contact “angels” or spirits.

    I had just woken up one morning but was still lying in bed on my right side. Just before opening my eyes (they were feeling a bit heavy and hard to open), a voice called my name … into my right ear — the ear that was in the pillow! It startled me all the more hearing this in my right ear. The voice was a very clear, audible, gentle male voice. Then it repeated my name again in my right ear. To make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I reached over and stroked my cat which was lying by my side, confirming to myself I was fully awake. As I did this, I opened my eyes and saw a radiant “being” sitting on a chair near the foot of my bed — just for an instant. I perceived it to be a normal sized male “being”, filled with a dazzling light. This was just for a split second and then it quickly vanished. The experience left me with no feeling of dread or apprehension, just kind of a sense of awe. There was no recurrence of this “being” again.

    If this were to happen now, I would of course rebuke first, in Jesus’ name! Anyways, thankfully it never recurred.

    Comment by lindafromtoronto1 — 2014/05/22 @ 20:36

    • Hey Linda, Yes we’re told, “Try the spirits” for just such situations. There’s a note of caution in that.

      1st John 4

      1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. 6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

      I’ve had a mix, none that I’ve seen directly, but heard definitely, and been tripped, hit, and worse. I love that “Two can put 10,000 to flight.” The enemy doesn’t mess with me as much directly now as a few years ago, but does take shots at co-workers instead. Rose and Azureceu (aka Pudding) will recall “the Sigfried Incident.” I heard “sigfried” in my dream and awoke to an electrical outlet near my bed sparking, melting, and starting to burn. I literally ripped the cover off and was ready to tear into the wall with some nearby tools. I may still have pictures…. just a sec. Yep…

      Siegfried Incident

      Siegfried Incident

      Grrrrrr!!!! Never did find any meaning to the term that made sense to me. And it most likely was protection since I’d seen some “overloading” problems on that circuit before — but neglected to check them out. Other encounters get much more involved…. I believe the resurrection of the end time martyrs to reign with Christ (The Word & The Lamb) is a great example of guaranteed justice in overcoming. So the enemy tries to be less directly connected while using us against ourselves.

      “Rebuke First” is no doubt what protecting and warring angels would prefer us to do considering the enemies’ wicked intents.

      I’m glad we have the “reality check” that “All good things come from God.” Otherwise I’d be suspicious of all spiritual encounters. Something along the lines of Balaam in his madness was not able to do more than be a mouthpiece as a prophet, forced to Bless Israel instead of cursing them. Of course he found a sneakier way and was likely used as tool of the enemy also against his will.

      Our Armor of God, strong connection to Christ through His Spirit, blunts the enemy attacks. Those “glammars” that I miss when typing often involve having seen differently than what ended up in the comment. I’ll compare them to the fiery darts of the enemy as an ineffective distraction against the Shield of Faith, but also possibly some actual demonic spirits (“darters”) like fiery flying serpents. I can’t help but think of Faithfulelect! What the enemy means for evil, the Lord turns to a blessing, destroying every wicked work of satan.

      So yes, definitely – we work with different “sensitivities” and possibly different parts of our brain and neural system when dreaming and waking.

      Comment by nomemoleste — 2014/05/22 @ 21:33

  2. Apparitions Of Mary: Is The Virgin Mary The Fourth Part Of The Roman Catholic “Trinity”?

    Comment by nomemoleste — 2014/05/23 @ 05:48

  3. Nome, yes, I remember your post on the “Siegfried” dream, too, re the faulty electric plug! It was well over a year ago, maybe closer to 2 years, soon after I started reading L.A.’s blog — the post of your dream on this was a memorable one. I bet others would recall it too. I’ve had a number of brief “warning” dreams in my life also, that were helpful.

    Thank you for your kind response, Nome. God bless you and have a great day and weekend.

    (When I have some time, I will try to have a look at the video you just posted about the “Fourth Part of the R.C. Trinity”.)

    Comment by lindafromtoronto1 — 2014/05/23 @ 07:14

  4. Very interesting video, Nome, just finished listening. I didn’t realize the extent of non-biblical “Mary” teachings by the R.C. Church, i.e. sinless, co-redemptrix with Jesus, and mankind’s INTERCESSOR for Jesus! …… plus other contradictions with scripture that were noted during the talk show.

    It’s amazing how the Pope and priests who have (presumably) studied the bible and not just R.C. doctrine, can promote all of these things! How can it all be other than demonically-inspired deception?

    Have a good evening, Nome.

    Comment by lindafromtoronto1 — 2014/05/23 @ 19:59

    • P.S…. also meant to note at the 12 minute mark there was an interesting comment about some who could hear an apparition’s voice audibly, in their ear. It reminded me of the experience I mentioned from a few years ago. Definitely need to test the spirits! (per 1 John 4, as you noted.)

      Comment by lindafromtoronto1 — 2014/05/23 @ 20:07

    • Yes, Linda.

      There’s massive deception, but the masses are willingly deceived. There won’t be any excuses at the Great White Throne judgment for those that choose to believe a lie and love not the truth. Ultimately they’re separated and cast out with the enemy angels into the Lake of Fire — and should be.

      We’re given more than testing the spirits — the deceived won’t listen. Nor do they hear … the blind lead the blind and the deaf follow dumb shepherds. Christ’s sheep hear His voice. The Holy Ghost leads to conviction of sin and repentance in turning from obvious contradictions to God’s will, the way of Christ. Not to some new age christ, nor ascended master, nor alien messiah…

      It’s so obvious. God is Love. The damned reject Him, and His Spirit, expressed through Christ. In practice, Loving Him (the Most High) and others (even enemies) is His will — perfectly expressed in Christ. In 1st John, we’re also given that we know we’ve crossed from death to life because we love the brethren (our siblings, certainly the saved, the beloved). And that those that hate their brothers (cp. Cain) are damned. There’s a major disconnect in the main stream in recognizing that the Ten Commandments are also an expression of Christ’s will and His Spirit (the Holy Ghost). No idols means exactly that. At the end of 1st John, we’re told again. Those that are blind to physical idols also don’t recognize non-physical idols. In both cases — that which stands in place of God and Christ are idols. Then demons come in to dwell in the void left by fixating on a representation. In the purest sense, it’s antichristian — meaning that which takes the place of Christ. So spiritual and concrete meanings are reconciled.

      The Commandments paralleled with the Armor of God…
      1 Salvation … no other gods, no idols (Jesus saves)
      2 God’s Word … no disrespect (no blasphemy … honor parents)
      3 Peace … no murder (no hate)
      4 Truth … no coveting (no lusting, no addiction)
      5 Faith … no adultery (no unfaithfulness)
      6 Righteousness … no theft (no lording, no disservice)
      7 Zeal (Isa. 59:17) … no false witness (Christ is our Sabbath)

      The RC and similar (“the daughters of babylon”)…
      1 puts the collective in place of Christ
      2 and tradition in place of The Word of God
      3 inquistion, pedophile priests (a)
      4 mariolatry
      5 apostolic succession
      6 pope as vicar
      7 syncretism, ecumenism

      (a) Gives sanctuary for criminals, institutionalizes villainy.
      (There is a sin unto death, for which we are not to pray, and for which there was never any sanctuary.)

      Of course, it’s not just catholicism, And we still need to love the sinner while hating the sin.

      Comment by nomemoleste — 2014/05/24 @ 10:52

      • Amen to all of that, Nome. No wonder the gate is narrow and few find it. (Matthew 7:13-14)

        Comment by lindafromtoronto1 — 2014/05/24 @ 17:53

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