Mighty Through God… (2 Cor. 10)


The 7ths…

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Common to both Genesis and the Revelation…
– 7 periods (begin this Creation, end this Creation)
– Preaching to come out (out of Sodom, out of Babylon)
– Tree of Life (in Eden fed by 4 rivers, in New Jerusalem fed by River of Life)
– Enemy exposed and destroyed (by Global Flood, by Lake of Fire)
– Rule of God on earth (Garden of Eden, Millennial Kingdom)
– Remnant separated and saved (Noah & ark, New Jerusalem)
– Choice presented (eat of tree of good+evil, take the 666)

As this Creation is ended — it’s going to be very obvious including the Prophetic connections.

The “7th Events” could be various views on “The End” of this Creation…
– 7th “Mom Events” (12:06/14 … fed/nourished … cp. marriage supper 19:06-09)
– 7th Witness (11:18 time to judge the dead, about event not person)
– 7th Harvest (FirstFruits events, v. 14:04, 12x12K, 14:20 winepress trodden)
– 7th Thunder? (not yet revealed)
– 7th Trumpet / 7th Vial (10:07 mystery finished / 16:17 it is done)
– 7th Unsealing / 7th Lament (Rev. 8:01 silence in heaven / Millstone, Rev. 18:21-22** )
– 7th Judgment (Great White Throne)

*Heavenly Mother events…
1=12:01 clothed with sun (v.11 overcame … by the Blood of the Lamb)
2=12:01 moon under feet (v.11 overcame … by the Word of their testimony)
3=12:01 crown of 12 stars (v.11 overcame … loved not their lives unto death)
4=12:02 travails (v. 13 persecuted)
5=12:05 brings forth (v. 13 that brought forth)
6=12:06 fled into wilderness (v. 14 flies into wilderness)
7=12:06 fed while waiting (v. 14 nourished likewise)

**babylon judged…
1=18:02 fall proclaimed (is fallen, is fallen)
2=18:08 mourning preached (God rewards)
3=18:09 bewail & lament (kings of earth)
4=18:11 weep & mourn (merchants of earth)
5=18:14 weep & wail (merchants of these things)
6=18:19 weep & wail (shippers)
7=18:22 voices…heard no more at all (millstone … silence, no air)


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