Mighty Through God… (2 Cor. 10)


TV Science Guy vs God Almighty

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2-05-14.  Regarding Bill Nye’s debate, where he set up a strawman assumption to knock around. Actually a “straw-god” which can’t create an apparently wide ranging infinitely complex creation in short order. God Almighty created all we can see in just 6 days; and rested on the 7th.

The best proof of God is by accepting Christ and sharing His life such as through prayer. We get to know Him as others have in the Bible. We experience His care, nurture, and learn to overcome with Him. He gives us choices and consequences, as He did the angels (like satan), and executes judgment with due process,at the right time. He gave us a way out of the enemy camp (this world) through Christ. And out of this doomed creation (which we helped wreck) — into the coming new heavens and new earth.

The Creator shared His heart with us — best expressed through Jesus Christ — His Son. His lovingkindness was clearly shown by presenting Himself through Christ on the Cross — crucified, buried, resurrected, and after a short time, ascended bodily into heaven. He could have wiped out humanity along with the enemy angels and started over. But it was far more perfect to rescue those that want to be rescued (saved) out of this world (the enemy camp). He chose to die in the flesh rather than kill us. He showed mercy in justice, as only God can.

The Bible records that God destroyed the tribes of the hybrids — another intelligent species, (see Genesis 6 regarding the offspring of the enemy angels and human women). They were there before the flood and afterwards, such as with Goliath (a giant), who David killed in battle. And Almighty God is going to kick the enemies out into the Lake of Fire after they destroy this world as prophesied, and after the resurrections of humans.

Most prefer to go their own way instead of God’s, (which is called sin), which ends in death and destruction. I don’t expect most people to accept salvation, (rescue by Christ). Nor to ask for the gift of His Holy Spirit, which He doesn’t force on anyone, (unlike the enemy angels, demonic possession). His grace continues with the wonder of being carried in Him (born again) spiritually, as His extensions (His offspring), joining His kingdom (the Kingdom of God). I’m glad that some will turn from their own ways, (and the delusions of the enemy angels), to Christ — and will reach out to Him through prayer to save them.

Wide is the way that leads to destruction (such as through pop science). Christ is The only Way to Eternal Life — body (by resurrection), soul, and spirit. He showed us that even though killed in the flesh — with Him we shall rise again. If you want to be rescued just believe in your heart and ask Him. Let Jesus take care of the rest. Amen.


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