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The Unified Theory of Evil

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Originally this was the Hello World example post from 2-2012.
Revised 2-2014…

The Unified Theory of Evil exposes the enemy as a counterfeit of Christ.

…let’s just use “ute” for short.

Our Almighty Lord and Savior, Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ), has revealed himself in many ways.

= In the Revelation, as the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes, which are the 7 Spirits of God
= In Ephesians 6 & Isaiah 59, as the Whole Armor of God
= In Luke 4 & Isaiah 61, as the Christ, through whom the Holy Spirit is poured out into the world.
= In the core structure of the 10 Commandments.
= In the Holy Days of God.
= In the furnishings of the Tabernacle.
...and much much more.

The enemy (the enemy angels and their proxies) try to fake Christ’s Spirit. The result is all the many false versions of the true (ute’s).

Take for instance, the ministries of Christ, as extended to the offices of the Church.

  1. evangels v. false evangelist
  2. prophets v. false prophets
  3. pastors v. false pastors
  4. teachers v. false teachers
  5. apostles v. false apostles
  6. deacons v. false deacons
  7. elders v. false elders

So instead of the Spirit of the Lord, the ute’s use a false collective spirit. They need legions to attempt to mimic Christ.








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  1. The contamination of the rebel angels is embedded in our society like toxic radiation. Particularly through the pagan empires and the names of holidays, weekdays, planets, etc. used to honor their gods, who are really the rebel angels. Here in the last days we’re seeing the open re-emergence of the fallen empires, whether babylonian, egyptian, roman, greek, mayan, british, soviet, american, or whatever.

    1 sun-god-day … 7 saturn-god-day
    1 lupercalia … 7 saturnalia
    Lupercalia (holiday for romulus and remus, the wolf twins), wolves not lambs.

    End Time Manifestations of the ancient gods (the princes / kings of the rebel angels)
    1 the beast (antichrist)
    2 the false prophet (balaam)
    3 death (…and hell, sheol)
    4 mystery babylon (jezebel)
    5 the destroyer (abaddon)
    6 the great (nicolaitans)
    7 the dragon (satan)

    Secularized US holidays becoming global, go back to market holidays
    1 valentines (mocks Passover)
    2 easter (mocks Unleavened Bread)
    3 independence day (Mocks first fruits)
    4 halloween (mocks Pentecost)
    5 thanksgiving (mocks Trumpets)
    6 xmas (mocks Day of Atonement)
    7 new years (mocks Tabernacles)
    note: Christ is our Passover and the fulfillment of all the holy days given by God

    The 7 Mountains on which the Harlot sits (all faiths religion, ecumenism)
    1 catholicism (false christ / pope)
    2 islam (false prophet)
    3 death cults (santa muerte, heaven’s gate, jim jones, etc.)
    4 mystery religions, masonry, occult
    5 hinduism, buddhism
    6 apostate christianity
    7 ancestor worship, taoism, confucianism

    Territorial Spiritual Dominions
    1 UK+EU+Russia (kingdom of the north; lion, leopard, bear; prince of grecia, north of Jerusalem)
    2 Caliphate Islam (kingdom of the south; mahdi, prince of persia; allah, moon god)
    3 Latin America (mayan, aztec)
    4 Africa
    5 India
    6 North America
    7 China (orient)

    The antithesis / anathemas (abominations)
    1 false christs / false grace
    2 false prophets / false doctrine
    3 false pastors / false peace
    4 false teachers / false truth
    5 false apostles / false faith
    6 false deacons / false service
    7 false elders / false witness

    etc. etc.

    Comment by nomemoleste — 2012/02/17 @ 05:00

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